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Listen To “On My Line” By FVCKPARISH TM. Like, Share, & Leave Comments Below In The Comment Box 1. “On My Line”

“I Know A Guy”; The Power of Networking

We all “know a guy”. Not just anybody, or a random guy, but when we say we “know a guy”, typically it is geared towards a specific...


..TO GIVE US HOPE FOR THE ELEVATION OF SOUND IN TODAYS MUSIC INDUSTRY by-Kaydee “KimmEDee” Livingston   With so many differe


“THUG MONEY IN THE BUILDING” Ok, so… last week I posted a short article gearing up for some of the events happening this Season . I

Speakin’ Your Language

For many years I have worked in the food service industry. I have had the absolute pleasures of working with individuals of different culture

A Podcast, Thug Money & Gwop ! Oh My!

Just a quick note…   Both artists Thug Money and Hustle Gwop , seem to be grindin pretty hard this next month! With April only a few..


B2 CALLING ALL ARTISTS! Posted byKaydee ZawareMarch 28, 2021Posted inHot new artists, innovative, kaydeelivingston, musicians/ music / money

Quick Monday “Thug”date

Thug Money says he’s getting .. …ready to hit the road “ here soon , and you have no idea how super bummed out I am that...

“Imaginary Castle” by KLHH feat Carina

KLHH is a pianist and a passionate songwriter with a background in classical music. He began studying piano and violin at age four but began

Can You Handle Being KimmedOut?

ALTERED EGO – “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RAINBOW” (Warning : 🛑 This one might just break your brain) Posted byKaydee ZawareFebruary 25,

A Humble Request

Please do me a solid and click this link. It’s a longer read, I apologize. But, I really need some help here, and it took everything I.

Big Steppa’

One of the greatest gifts of life is wisdom acquired from your elders. I urge you all to draw close to your mothers, fathers, grand parents,

“Let’s Get Away” By Netta Jones

Listen To “Let’s Get Away” By Netta Jones. Like, Share, & Leave Comments Below In The Comment Box 1. “Let’s

Whats Really Going On? (part 1) Podcast: “Conversation with The “Blacksmith” BY:Kaydee Livingston

The Space Between Here And There “ Sometimes knowing nothing , is better than knowing it all” What is “the knowing”? Have you

“Runnin’ Trains” & “Turnin’ Tricks” with THUG MONEY

Melodic Mindset-“Runnin Trains”& “Turnin Tricks” with Thug Money

Maintaining Mansions

How are you liking that dope mansion you are staying in? Yes. YOU! The fenced backyard, the wrap around front porch, the marble floors around

“Deposits” Official Video by Jamel Deon feat. Rob Monday and Kajuan

The Official Music Video for “Deposits (I Want It All)” by Jamel Deon featuring Rob Monday and Kajuan is officially out now. Jame

Bring a Table to the Table; A Values Concept

From relationships, to professional work lives, down to stocks, the cars we drive, and the homes we live in hold a certain value. As we devel

Fully Charged

I  have this one really bad habit. One of which I know many of you can relate to. One that really does not work out in my...

Stay in yo’ lane; Traffic ahead

I remember vividly a busy evening after work. Isn’t everything always a rush? Gotta hurry, gotta go, gotta cautiously watch for blue lights

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