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The Double Hustle W/ TigoB

What better way to kick off 2022, than to double down on a double hustle with a signed recording artist AND business owner, right here in the

A hero has arisen, make room for another “Mike”

Good morning Americans! Hello world! This guy here man, he is a hero! Time to recognize what a savior really looks like! So, his name is R

“ENTER THE CHAMBERS” vol 1 prod Brian Tyrie @BeatsTyrie

Creating momentum by way of brand appeal. Digital marketer, music producer and entrepreneur Brian Tyrie represents Sicker Than Most bringing

Dolla’ Dolla” Bill Yall

The man with $1,000.00 could be richer than the man with $10,000. Which man are you? I am sure we all have touched a plethora of money...

Flag on the Play!!

It’s all so beautiful. It’s everything you could have imagined. The perfect partner, the job, the perfect career opportunity. It all seem

Influencers Get Paid for Your Response

Hot New Way Influencers Are Making Money Without Content ReSponda.app is turning fans’ messages into cash       One of the h

Unprofessionally Operated

To be of color and run a business is something to be proud of…unapologetically. The authentic work ethic that stems from the roots of b

“Addicted To You” By The Fortune Tellers

Listen To “Addicted To You” By The Fortune Tellers. Like, Share, & Leave Comments Below In The Disqus Comment Box 1. “

Down With Dirt

It is not often an interview session goes beyond my anticipated time, but that is exactly what happened this past weekend when I had the gran

Business Owners & Bad Credit

Rack, Bread, Cheddar, Paper, Stacks or Bands What’s your Favorite Slang? Money, yes that is what I’m talking about today, it does

Fashions Shows BEYOND Fashion

Over the course of the past month, I had the absolute pleasure of covering two events, both of which were put together by Black brands and na

Let Me “Get ME First”

There is something that we all “want” right here, right now. Stop and think about what it is that you “want”. It could be a new car,.


Las Vegas has another anthem to put Nevada on the map, thanks to Jamel Deon. “Just Another Intro” Official Music Video has been circulat

God : Origins (What would it be like to realize you were God)

“Anything is asking me to tell you the truth about something and everything explains to me the truth about nothing when coming from eve

You Down With “OQP”?

Birds of a feather flock together. Right? Well, that’s what they say. Some may agree, others may share my past opinion on the idea; ful

“Don’t Hate the Player”~KENISE TAYLOR ~ Re-Writing the Game..

….Her Way! And why wouldn’t she? Kenise Taylor is an artist AND a successful business woman!

Desperately Seeking Sanity: COVERT NARCISSISTIC ABUSE

WARNING:  Some of the Content in this article maybe disturbing. It is.   “It is Important though that I get my story out there in order t

The Goat Speaks

”FREESPEECH” This was originally recorded back in 2013. Before we had a candidate to run up against Hillary Clinton. Catch yet another gl


Listen To “On My Line” By FVCKPARISH TM. Like, Share, & Leave Comments Below In The Comment Box 1. “On My Line”

“I Know A Guy”; The Power of Networking

We all “know a guy”. Not just anybody, or a random guy, but when we say we “know a guy”, typically it is geared towards a specific...

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