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Model Pose: Mi’Amor By Lesha Bey

Check out the model pose by Lesha Bey: “Mi’Amor”
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Lesha Bey

This pose is confidence in my eyes! Amazing shooter Marcel Anthony located in Charlotte NC, is amazing with the lighting techniques and lens.

Carolina George

Nice!!! Good shot here!

Carolina George

I am honored to have you as our very first Model Pose review here on MilliUp!dotcom! Continue to work hard on your craft and thse great poses… maybe one day you will be a MilliUp Model! Either way congratulations on your success thus far in your career! #MilliUp

Lesha Bey

Thank you so much for this feature!! I am happy to network and work with you and hope to continue a working relationship for the future

Carolina George


Carolina George

Once again, now that you are registered feel free to send as many poses as you like to the PRIVATE email address given once daily

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