MilliUp TV Placement

Get your muusic video, shortfilm, sitcom, stand up, full length movie etc placed on MilliUp TV TODAY!

No matter what your profession is, we have a great opportunity for your brand to be seen by the visitors of MilliUp!dotcom! and our network of professional entertainers and entrepreneurs!

What you get when your video is placed on the MilliUp TV channel:

Your video should ONLY be sent as a .MP4 file so it can be uploaded and placed into live rotation FOR 30 DAYS with the rest of our shows and videos… JUST LIKE THE “REAL TV” STATIONS!

Thousands of visitors come to our blog monthly looking for new connections to network with and build their own communities. With a placement on MilliUp TV you get to see how your content fits in rotation with other professional content, potential buyers and network affiliates. Allowing your brand to benefit from our advertising budget as well as anyone elses whom shares their content on the channel.

As a disclaimer, although we are connected with a lot of fans/readers/followers/subscribers and industry leaders via social media and email subscription, WE DO NOT garauntee any certain amount of views, impressions, or clicks on your “MilliUp TV Placement” and we do not provide the analytics reports for this transaction! All we do here is make sure your content gets placed infront of our network! Once your content is live and everyone has access to it, it can be shared anywhere even in email from the “” link, so get it done and get your placement today!

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