“Famous” By Mickey Da Don

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1. Famous

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  • Joshua Robinson

    I don’t like this. Honestly

    • Carolina George

      That’s your opinion @joshua and we respect that!

    • Mickey Da Don

      I respect that, can you give me a little insight on what through you off the song

  • Eddie Clark

    Had to check this one again, I like it bro

  • Eddie Clark

    Love the beat. And the fact that the whole song is relative to the topic. That’s a lost art lol

  • Kenises Way

    I like the song, Maybe girls in college are really just learning who they really are.. many of them has just became “independent” many have also been sheltered before college which is a real “problem”. Either way the song is Hot

    • Mickey Da Don

      I’m glade I’m hearing positive view for a women thank you

  • Mickey Da Don

    The inspiration behind this track came from all four years of my college career .
    Almost every female on campus wanted you to believe a false perception of who they really was. The track was produced by Omari C

    • Carolina George

      Cool I have heard of Omari C before too I believe.

  • Carolina George

    Mickey Da Don tell us a little about this record like what made you write it & who produced it. Also have your supporters come by and drop comments. Dope track tho!

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