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Don’t Sleep on OG Sleep Bissell

Only true hustling street folk will understand! In my opinion this kind of “trap rap” is STRICTLY for street niggas who actually live the “lifestyle”! First off let me let my man Sleep Bissell introduce himself to everyone…


“Antonio Goode, street/stage name Sleep Bissell. I am a southern hip hop artist trap style/story teller out of Greensboro, N.C. My team name is HSEMG (High Society Entertainment Music Group).


I’m still fairly new to the music industry… mixtape out called “Play’N N The Park” hosted by Dj Paperz. dropped last Christmas without any backing. Next project “The Paper Chase” drops memorial weekend this May with the smash hit single “Never Prosper”.

Now, let me explain… if you’re really looking for lyrical ability, wordplay, quoteables, etc. THIS SHIT AINT FOR YOUR ASS! OG Sleep Bissell explains to listeners off the rip he’s not a rapper he’s a “Street Nigga” with a story to tell on the introduction of the mixtape Play’N N The Park.


Check out my man Sleep Bissell mixtape Play’N N The Park


You can also find OG Sleep Bissell on these social media platforms:

Instagram Sleep_Bissell

Twitter Sleep_Bissell

His name is OG Sleep Bissell
The mixtape is called “Play’N N The Park” HIT HIM UP!

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