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    MilliUp LLC

    MilliUp! “Where opportunity meets ambition!”

    Greetings from MilliUp LLC!

    In short, MilliUp is THE cardinal advertainment brand serving the urban community as it’s special events host and entertainment platform, globally!

    In detail we operate as a Record Label, Event Promoter, Event Sponsor, Music Publisher, Custom Wine/Champagne/Spirits Distributor, Merchandise Vendor, Urban Apparel Company, Radio Station, Podcast, Blog, and a Vlog… we’re ideally the one stop shop for all entertainers and entrepreneurs!

    Our main goal and purpose as a company is to become the primary option for entertainers and entrepreneurs all over the world to release and/or advertise their work onto “MilliUp!dotcom!”… a platform meant to both grow our own brand, and share the benefits of that growth with other brands within our network.

    Founded by hip-hop artist and songwriter Carolina George in 2015, MilliUp LLC has since become a very prominent piece to the entertainment and entrepreneurial communities in the world.

    The MilliUp LLC Logo is designed to capture the feel of success. The circle and triangle shapes symbolize “Opportunity” and “Ambition”, they are stacked on top of one another in this image to bring the unity aspect of the MilliUp brand to life. The wings attached to the “Opportunity meets Ambition” image symbolize “faith, trial and error, then success”. The polish and finished colors of its content creates a feel of prosperity.

    Welcome To MilliUp!dotcom!

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    Get to know the MilliUp Music and MilliUp Model rosters as we strive to build our brand of unique sound, imagery, and worldwide presence.

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    Become a fan of MilliUp the brand, or maybe just your favorite artist(s) and/or model(s), and purchase their material from our custom mechandise mall “The MilliMerch Emporium“, where you’ll find souvenirs like MilliUp Apparel, MilliUp Champagne, and The Behind The Scenes Photos Museum.

    We also offer what we call “The MilliServices” such as FREE music placement and model pose contests, as well as brand building tools like MilliPix CHT (Custom Designed Apparel and Merch), MilliUp Radio, MilliUp TV, custom advertisting banners, and a business directory called “THE E.B.E. LIST“.

    For your FREE subscription to “MilliUp!dotcom!”, MilliUp LLC is giving away 3 new songs from it’s Official Billboards Charts artist Carolina George rapper/songwriter/producer for MilliUp Music at no cost to you!

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